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About ThunderLily


Clare Tattersall: Founder, CEO


Clare Tattersall: Founder, CEO

Fashion insider and brand curator, Clare Tattersall channels her passion for fashion into finding outstanding emerging designers and bringing their ideas to market. With her inside knowledge of NYC's garment district and a knack for bringing together the most talented people, Clare is spearheading ThunderLily NYC, a virtual fashion incubator – creating cutting edge software for designers and providing stylish women with access to custom made fashion from the most innovative designers of the future.

ThunderLily was founded in 2009 with a mission to Set Fashion Free. From sketch to market – we launch emerging designers, with our fashion design software and partnership with Columbia University we offer the most cutting edge technology for designing and producing samples in the virtual space.


Who we are is so much less important than who YOU are.

YOU have stepped off the beaten path of the established fashion industry. You like to be INVOLVED in fashion. You want to be involved, you can see that by being independent you can be more CREATIVE, you want to offer your creativity to discerning shoppers, you want to be a STYLE LEADER, an ENTREPRENEUR, to SHARE, CREATE, BUILD.

We want to build a space where your PASSION can come to LIFE, where designers are in charge of pushing their VISIONS to market, where FASHION LOVERS can be involved in the fashion creation from the early workshop days to the final product. We believe that by opening the doors to everyone a better industry will emerge. It's a lot for a small company but nothing that we cannot build together as a community so we are reaching out for your next move.


Upload sketches to the gallery. Browse around, check out what others are doing. We intend to help more of your bring their creations to market (stay tuned for more)...

List your services (yes it’s free), share your designs on the gallery, offer advice to new designers.

Like, Tweet, Pin and share designs and ideas.
Mix and match.
Create your own looks and look books.
Sponsor a designer. Create unique looks.
Have one our existing designs custom made in your unique choice of fabric and to your own unique sizes.

Stand up and SHOUT OUT. Tell everyone what you think, what you like, what you want to make. Talk, Talk, Talk.

Together we can SET FASHION FREE

All designs are made entirely in NYC.


Contact Us.

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ThunderLily is the leading fabric store online.

Each visitor is a return client. With a variety of the very best fabrics from around the globe, ThunderLily has what you want for your project or design to become a masterpiece. Enjoy browsing the fabric and patterns at ThunderLily, and do not hesitate to stop by our sewing bog for tips or idea for your next sewing project.