3D Printing for Fashion. Vision or Reality?

Disrupt and personalize — the vision of fashion-tech. It’s a truly exciting era of change. There has not been a real revolution in the fashion industry since the invention of the sewing machine so… could the 3d printer be the next big thing?

While 3d printing is currently very expensive and very time consuming, every truly great change evolves from a detailed process that can be long and drawn out. Throughout history we can see that speed is not closely correlated with efficiency when it comes to evolution, so…what can we hope for from 3d printing in fashion?


Danit Peleg’s 3D printed bomber jacket

Shapeways (www.shapeways.com) and Thingiverse (www.thingiverse.com) have long been providing 3d printed goods that you can design yourself online and have shipped to you, or purchase other people’s designs and the technology is moving into fashion with a handful of brands both on the fashion-tech and the creative sides working together to push the boundaries and edge the industry forward.

Designer Danit Peleg has partnered with the big name in pattern-making, Gerber, to produce (reportedly) the first commercially available 3d printed garment for sale online. Using Accumark 3D and YuniquePLM to bring a customizable bomber jacket to market



What does this mean for you?

Until now the worlds of clothes design 3D printing have been separated by a void. To print apparel, you needed to use 3D editors that were created for tasks other than fashion.

sharecloth_imgSharecloth (www.sharecloth.com) is launching next month, September 2017, their exciting new technology that they see as a solution for 3d fashion designers, where they can print their designs directly to a 3d printer, enabling the creation and customisation of apparel design and cut, including the import of traditional garment patterns that can be altered with further 3D fittings, for their subsequent production using 3D printer technology.

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