Fashion Design Competition

ThunderLIly Design Competition

Design a collection for Autumn 2012 and have your fashion line produced and sold by Thunderlily!

A unique opportunity, to have your fashion line promoted and sold by ThunderLily, available in hundreds of different fabrics and custom sizing, a professional photo-shoot for your line, opportunity of your lifetime.
Design five women’s wear pieces on the theme Autumn 2012 and have the opportunity to collaborate with an emerging fashion technology company to produce your mini-collection which will be featured in a fashion photo-shoot.

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Competition Rules

To enter the competition please first read the rules and guidelines. Competition rules and guidelines.

  • Five designs should be sketched and uploaded on the theme of Season:Autumn 2012
  • For your inspiration, upload an image (to which you have all ownership rights) in JPEG format (max 3MB)
  • Enter five unique sketches of your own work in JPEG format. Participants should retain their original artwork files but designs must be submitted in JPEG Max Size 3MB.
  • Sketches can be flat schematics or fashion illustrations. For help with sketching use resources such as Threads Magazine,
  • For each sketch three digital fabric swatches can be selected from ThunderLily’s thousands of online fabrics.
  • Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and submitted your collection, you can return at any point before the competition closes on May 12th 2012 to edit your collection.
  • The winning design may be modified to accommodate production requirements
  • Design must be original (meaning not using third party pre-existing copyright materials).
  • * Please note entrants must be 18 years of age. Or, if they are 17 then they must have a representative creative their ThunderLily account. The winner will need to have a seller’s account in order to sell their designs, all sellers must be over 18.

    The Future of Fashion

    ThunderLily is a fashion workshop. We are developing software to enable independent designers and fashionistas to create their own fashion quickly and easily and have it produced on demand. The competition winner will have the opportunity to experience the technology and see their designs being custom-produced by ThunderLily.

    Supporting Individuals and Small Businesses

    ThunderLily works with individual seamstresses and production houses based in New York City’s Garment District to produce our designs. Designs are produced on demand, no upfront costs, no waste.
    We want to put style back in your hands, so everything is made to be customized by you. Customize what you want, how you want.
    Visit our fashion pages to try clothes on a model.
    Click the fashions to customize with different fabrics and create unique looks.
    Save your unique looks to My Favorites and share your creativity on Facebook,Twitter or Pinterest.
    Buy the dress pattern customized just for you or get a made to measure unique outfit shipped to your door within three weeks.
    Compete with top designers to buy fabrics direct from New York City’s garment district.

    ThunderLily works with boutique fabric shops in New York City to bring fabulous, unique and reasonably priced fabrics to people across the country and around the world. Most of our vendors sell to and buy from the fashion industry so the fabrics are often one-of-a-kind.

    Competition rules and guidelines. Terms and Conditions

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    or go to


    1. Raz

      Also is this for shoes/bags/accessories etc or just clothing specifically?

    2. This is just for women’s fashion. We are an evolving site and menswear will be included in the future, but we are not there yet. When we pick a winner then we will make up patterns using our own software, produce samples, hold a fashion shoot and then the designs will be sold on our site. The designer will be a “seller” just as the fabric shops are now (similar to being a seller on any other marketplace like Etsy, Amazon or Ebay), but we handle production, shipping etc. The designer sets a fee for each item that is sold, which they receive, any other costs of production (fabric, construction etc) are built into the price of the garment and are handled by ThunderLily.

    3. Just clothing ;-)

    4. Raz

      Would we do a full outfit? For example, a dress with a coat? Or would the coat and dress count as two different/separate designs?

    5. We are asking for five pieces, so that would count as two items. This means that you can upload three sketches if you wish that altogether include 5 items.

    6. Raz

      Are the designs owned and copyrighted by the designer? Or does thunderlily own it?

    7. The designers can use their designs wherever they like and ThunderLily has no part of that outside of our website.

    8. Raz

      Can one design come in different colors and would we need to label that? Do we need to make a label tag for our clothing?

    9. One design can come in different colors. Feel free to label anything you want to draw to our attention. The winning designer can put a label in their items. However we do not encourage anyone to move ahead with details immediately. Also know that only one winner can be selected now, but this is just the start, we are building a hub for designers to post their designs and to use our tools to make them. So really everyone is a winner, if you do not work with us immediately, there will be opportunities down the line.

    10. michele

      i’m a knitwear designer, that creates my own fabric, not cut and sew, are you able to accommodate my needs?

    11. Hmmm that is a tricky one. We have been working with just cut and sew up to this point. What I would recommend is that you wait until after the competition. We are planning a design gallery for designers to showcase their work, I think this would be a better place for your talents.
      On the other hand, if you feel like showing off your design skills then you can always enter.

    12. michele

      ok, i think i’ll wait this one out & wait for the design gallery. please keep me in mind. maybe you can look into knitwear manufacturers or yarn suppliers for the future. thanks for your response.

    13. Stephanie

      Say you have a look with a jacket Pants and a shirt. That is considered one look for the 5 peice collection right? So If I have a Dress and a Jacket that is considered another look. Same if its a skirt and a shirt with tights. My question is, I am illustrating these so that there are 3 ppl on the same page but one is a frontal view of a trench coat but because you couldnt see what she was wearing underneath I have Front and back views of the pants and shirt that is underneath the jacket as one look. Is that Ok?

    14. renata

      I am having trouble submitting my information for the competition. I downloaded everything but it does not accept my inspirational image. I tried with a free image and also with a photo from facebook. It does not accept any of them. What can I do?

    15. ThunderLily

      I would suggest logging out and logging in and then trying again. We can see no reason why this should be happening. Is your image the correct size? (less than 3mb) and is it a jpeg? (PDFs will give an error message) Shoot us an email via the contact us page if your problem continues and we will help you there.

    16. Aaron

      Hi, I wanted to ask about submitting designs to Thunderlily and those designs are also submitted in other competitions. Sometimes as a designer, you want to have a wide spread audience. What’s allowed?

    17. Stephanie

      ok now I’m really confused about the peices and looks question. What do you mean ? say I have a shirt and a coat and a skirt for one look in one sketch, and the same in the other sketches. is that against the rules?

    18. Stephanie

      also you say we will have the rights to the clothing but it does not say that in the rules contract……is there a way I can get that in there? what I’m saying is, I think we should have that in writing that we will receive credit for our designs…..Also, that you will not use them without our permission….

    19. The competition requires 5 pieces, how these are organized is the designer’s choice. But as an entrant you probably want to think about presenting your work in the best way.

    20. Our purpose is to showcase designer talent and provide the tools they need to succeed. The terms and conditions are legal standard for a competition and protect the company. If we post images of the runners up then it is possible someone else could copy that design and we need to protect ourselves legally from any angle. Do we want to “steal” your designs and profit from them? Of course not, we would not be able to build a community for designers if we behaved in such a way, so we would stand to lose much more from abusing our rights than the individual would.
      Having said that, we do not want to persuade anyone to enter the competition who does not want to work with us in the future. We believe in creating an honest community for talented people and any creative should make choices for themselves about where they place their art.

    21. Stephanie Gentry

      I just submitted to the competition! Could someone tell me if I have too many looks?

    22. raz

      So does that mean runner ups will win as well? Wouldn’t it be better in general not to post the designs in that case(as in not post who actually wins or loses). Also so does that mean we can reuse the designs after it wins or loses or does it not belong to us anymore when we enter the competition?

    23. No such thing as too many looks. We will enjoy reviewing your designs.

    24. You can reuse the designs regardless of whether you win or lose. As we have said before, the legal terms are to protect the company, we are not interested in holding anyone’s talent hostage. Even the winner can present their designs elsewhere if that is permitted by the third party. Having a designer’s looks in multiple places benefits everybody. We are aiming to showcase talent, not keep it locked up.

    25. Marci

      I tried to submit my designs twice and it wouldn’t let me. It didn’t specify why but it said an error had occurred while trying to send and to try again later. The problem is that the deadline is now. Is the deadline at a certain time during the 12th or does it end at midnight?

    26. Were you trying to submit a PDF? It only accepts jpegs, so make sure your images are in the correct format. The competition ends at midnight PST.