Fashion tech — digital sketching for everyone

IMG_1088Have you ever been riding the subway when you have a design idea and…no sketch pad? Or browsing some innovative designers and you spot a cool drape or seam that you want to capture? It has happened to all of us — ideas come thick and fast when they come but there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to sketch them out immediately.

Fret no more, PRÊT-À-TEMPLATE is a simple and fantastic resource for designers to jot down their ideas on the run — a sketchbook on your phone with unlimited pages and no paper wasted. Have your drawing supplies with you all the time, the fashion croquis provide the perfect starting point to sketch out your ideas with colors and patterns.


Some of the templates available in the PRÊT-À-TEMPLATE sketchbook

This is an emerging technology so…patience. We found it hard to create the high quality sketches that we are used to creating with pen and paper, but this still provided a great way to jot down ideas on the go, so you can keep your ideas safe in one place.

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