How to Dress Boho Chic and Look Good

For lovers of retro, the seventies are back in fashion. Boho is big, from the biggest hair to the widest brimmed hats. But how do you set yourself apart from the crowd?
True chic is taking inspiration from the past, but staying current. (Recreating the past, just is no longer relevant, it is not relevant to who you are or what suits your body type.) Take a look at our guide to body types and figure out what works for you.

If you are long and lean, you may want to look at billowing, flouncy styles, but if you are a “Triangle” you may want to soften wider hips with a knee-length Pencil Skirt paired with a Midi Military Jacket to bring the focus upwards. For the “Diamond” shape you might want to think about creating shape, for example the Mini Military Jacket (which slims the upper body) over a floaty Petal Skirt – a combination that moves the focus away from the waist towards the shoulders and knees.
Use fashion to fit and flatter, but remember that your best asset is a confident smile!


  1. Emma

    Greetings, I love love love your designs. I want to make the layered circle skirt, I am a novice sewer, would you designs cater to my level of expertise? Any advice you may have would be appreciative. I await your response.

  2. Hi Emma,

    Many of our designs are actually fine for a novice. The Layered Circle Skirt (or Petal Skirt) is actually quite easy. One thing that makes it a bit tricky is making the hems. Perhaps as a novice you could do a roll hem or a simple zig-zag hem. We recommend very, very light fabrics for this skirt, like a chiffon.
    Please note that each pattern suggests the yardage of fabric, but since this includes what you would need to make a faced hem, you should recalculate how much fabric you will need.