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How to Dress Boho Chic

ThunderLily Wild Heart Dress

ThunderLily Wild Heart Dress

Pairing designer splurges with vintage finds is the key to boho chic – an elegant symphony of folk, hippie and ultra modern chic. But how to pull off this style by looking like a celebrity or rock star and not as if you just bought everything in sight at Goodwill?

The key to any good clothes, whether it be designer items or bargain finds, is the fabric. If the fabric is top quality the garment will drape beautifully. So start with silk, organza, velvet, denim, corduroy, pure cotton or wool jersey, all the fabrics are natural, good to the environment and good to you.

To be able to pull off boho chic, you need to look around and see the colors of the seasons and how they work with your skin tones. For summer do you want to draw inspiration from the gold of the sun, or the blue of the ocean? In autumn do you want to draw from the reds of the leaves or the soft gray of the skies? For our showcase collection we drew from the colors of the sunset,the turning leaves, and the rich tones of the earth. But these colors are not for everyone, that’s why we let you choose the fabric and combine colors, textures and tones to create your own unique wardrobe from our designs.

Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio/T-shirt by Kai & Gipsy

Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio/T-shirt by Kai & Gipsy

Adding the right accessories to complement your wardrobe is essential. We absolutely love Kai & Gipsy tee shirts (they capture the essence of a free spirit) and Monique Rancourt Jewelry makes a strong and elegant statement.
Sterling Silver Bracelet image via Monique Rancourt Jewelry

Sterling Silver Bracelet image via Monique Rancourt Jewelry

Color, fabric and accessories are just starting points. What is most important to any woman who wants to be stylish is letting her personality shine through. We all know that beauty comes from deep inside and how you wear your clothes, spells loud and clear how you feel about yourself. Keep it simple, keep it true and keep it you!

Post pictures of yourself in your ThunderLily designs on our Facebook page and let us know how you pull off your Boho Chic.