How to Get Clothes That Fit

How to Get Clothes That Fit
How to Build a Wardrobe
Building a wardrobe is very much like curating an art exhibition that illustrates the life and times of…you. It is not so much about what is ‘fashionable’ as what defines your sense of style. For example, Boho chic harks back to the freedom of the seventies, but it is not constrained by stereotypes. While flowing skirts may represent this style, a chic tailored skirt paired with a soft, draped blouse is more relevant to you, your lifestyle and your sense of self.
A wardrobe should not be full of clothes that are made today for this season. It will benefit from a more eclectic, timeless look. Style moves beyond fashion to show, not what is for sale, but who you are.

On Celebrity dressing
Celebrities are well-dressed, often impeccably. But what can you say about the celebrity from their clothes? Mostly their wardrobes are chosen by stylists who undoubtedly have great taste, but they use big name brands and push an agenda.
Think of great style icons and you are probably thinking of women from years past – women who had their clothes tailor made, who worked with a dressmaker to not only have their clothes custom-made for a great fit, but also to get great advice from their dressmakers.

Finding your Favorites
ThunderLily is addressing these style issues. We provide a list of dressmakers so you can find someone in your region who has the talent to create timeless clothes, not just for special occasions, but for everyday elegance.
You can also save any of your favorite designs and fabrics, then share them with your friends. Mix and match to create completely unique looks. Get advice or just show off your sense of style. Use your favorites to show customers the designs you can make for them.
Need advice or help? Contact us – we love sharing our opinions!