How to Sew with Hides: a pencil skirt

ThunderLily Straight Skirt

ThunderLily Straight Skirt

How to Make a Leather Pencil Skirt from a genuine hide

Beautiful natural hides come from animals, and each animal is unique in size and shape, therefore each hide is unique is size, shape and markings.
For a winter Boho Chic skirt that is absolutely one of a kind (just like our custom made straight skirt), choose a super soft hide from our new leather section and make a skirt that will send you to the top of the style charts.

All you will need:
The ThunderLily Straight Skirt pattern
One or two hides (depending on size)
A silky soft lining.

1. Download your Straight Skirt pattern and calculate how many hides you will want to make your skirt.
2. Use the straight skirt pattern to cut out the top of the skirt, but leave the bottom edges free and natural.
3. Follow the pattern instructions but do not hem the skirt.

And voila, you have a completely unique skirt that is warm, soft, beautiful and elegant.