Military Inspired Jacket

Photography Andreea Waters at Kai and Gipsy

Photography Andreea Waters at Kai and Gipsy

Wow, wow, wow are the words surrounding the military-inspired bell-sleeved Jacket from Lou Torres.

A stunning jacket that moves easily from making an impressive statement in the office to cocktails on the terrace. The jacket exudes power and confidence – it is impossible to hide from the world when you make such a well defined statement about your personal style.Jacket1

Fully lined and finished with three military-style buttons down the side, the jacket loves every body type, following the body’s natural curve with an asymmetrical flattering shape, the jacket reveals the woman behind the powerful face.

Most comfortable in a pure wool suiting shot through with strands of elastane for ease and freedom of movement (and less wrinkles!), the jacket can be constructed from any mid to lightweight fabric. Also try it in a bold brocade or a cool canvas.


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