Push Fashion Boundaries With White Jeans After Labor Day

Ok so we all know the old adage “No white after Labor day or before Memorial day”. Trust me I grew up hearing this my whole life; my grandma would give you the crazy side eye look if you even dared put on anything white after Labor Day. We try our best to stick with it, but sometimes in the middle of January you find yourself itching to pull out the white jeans. After several months of rotating between every shade of blue jeans, the occasional black or gray pair you can get bored and want a change. Then you remember you do have a pair of white jeans tucked way away, and you wonder could you get away with wearing them now?

 Now I’ve been toying around with the idea of white jeans for a minute. I’ve done some research, and discovered the new rule is forget the old rule. So cool. Then I had to check out all the cool street style stars rocking their white jeans “off season” and while I did see some inspiring looks-the truth is that I don’t think enough people have really embraced this concept of white jeans for the winter. And why not? When done properly-you can achieve a look that’s cool and fresh.

Here are a few perfect examples of wearing white jeans when the temps have started to dip.

Street Style

Even cropped styles can be paired with ankle boots for a season appropriate look. Chunky knit sweaters and long wool coats also keep your white looking winter crisp instead of beach ready. Warm rich winter hues like eggplant and mustard contrasted against the starkness of white is super elegant.


Don’t hesitate anymore. Scroll thru these several chic ways you can wear those “summer” jeans right now without looking the least out of place.

Shearling Jacket
Pink Wool Coat
Fur Coat
Long Plaid Coat
Jewel Tone Striped Coat
Blue Coat
Mustard Fur Coat

Paired with warm neutrals like a cozy shearling jacket, and tan ankle boots

Pretty pink long wool coat adds femininity and warmth

Shaggy fur coat and leather ankle boots-provides warmth and a rocker chic vibe

Long plaid coat and a stylish fedora hat will keep you warm and stylish

Cool gray tones and snake print ankle boots is super chic

Try cropped stagger hem jeans worn with patent ankle boots in a rich jewel tone

Get thru any cold wet weather in a pair of iconic rain boots in blue, with matching blue accents

Cheery cozy fur jacket in mustard with on trend ankle boots will keep the you nice and bundled up

Shearling Jacket thumbnail
Pink Wool Coat thumbnail
Fur Coat thumbnail
Long Plaid Coat thumbnail
Cape thumbnail
Jewel Tone Striped Coat thumbnail
Blue Coat thumbnail
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