Stephanie Gentry Update

Hello! This is Stephanie Gentry, the emerging designer from Atlanta! I am wanting to update you on what I have been up to recently. It has been interesting now that I am slowly making my way towards the goal of becoming an established designer. I am so excited for 2014. It couldn’t have gotten here sooner! I have great things in store for this year and am already planning a new product!

Recently I have been developing accessories that can be worn with my brand, such as scarves and headbands. My scarves are inspired by my artwork, as I am also an artist. I decided that it would be fun to be able to create my own print, have it printed onto fabric, and then have that made into a scarf. I like to call my scarfs wearable art because the designs are taken straight from original paintings I have done!

The process of this has been interesting.I originally thought I wanted screen printing, but I soon realized that would only print on one side of the scarf. My solution to this issue is a process called sublimation, which dyes the threads so that it shows through both sides. The other benefit to using sublimation is that it does not have the rough edge that screen printing does. This enables me to give the scarfs the soft flowy water color feel that I want them to have.

I have had a great holiday season and good time with family and friends. I closed out the holidays this past weekend by going to visit my grandfather in southern Mississippi. I had not been there since before hurricane Katrina. It was so surreal seeing where his old house was (destroyed by the hurricane) and now seeing an empty lot. The area did not rebuild much after the storm came. I assume that’s because of the risks involved in building again. Today, there are several ‘for sale’ signs in the old neighborhood as well as the whole area. All in all, it was interesting to see and good to visit family on my dads side! What did you all do for the holidays? Hope you had a good one too!
Happy New year!


These scarves are perfect with my collection, fall or spring (which is available for pre-orders still!) because of the light weight of the chiffon. I have taken several pictures of me in them as well as my cousins wearing them for you all to see! Enjoy!

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