Jennifer Hamilton: Queens, NY

Jennifer Hamilton creates easy, everyday elegance for the young, modern woman. The incorporation of feminine silhouettes and stylish details create a collection that is comfortable and sophisticated. Creating key pieces by combining a trio of fine tailoring techniques, comfortable fabrics and every-day staples for a dressy, wearable wardrobe. Embracing women at every step.

Thunderlily Experience

Working with Thunderlily has been AMAZING for me. I’m not just saying that. There was hard work involved, but truthfully that comes with anything you do in life. What I really appreciate about Clare is she’s always EXTREMELY helpful, she’s so full of inspiration and ideas. Even though it can be hard to get a hold of her because she’s always SO busy, she does give 110% of her support. You know Thunderlily is behind you and that Clare has your best interest at heart and that is so invaluable. Thunderlily is so passionate about staying true to a designer’s creative vision. As a designer I got all the tools needed to see my idea go from sketch to actual product. I couldn’t be HAPPIER with my Thunderlily experience. I met some really cool and talented people, plus I have my own little place on the Thunderlily website and my journey’s just begun.