Schuylark: Gardiner, NY

As an artist, as well as a designer, I wanted the line to reflect MY individual esthetic, as well as my desire to produce an ethically responsible line. I had to re-examine what that term meant not only to me, but how it was being perceived by the industry. I didn’t want it to be just a marketing catch phrase, because the sentiment behind it truly was what I wanted Schuylark to stand for. I was told many times that I could cut the cost if I made it overseas or by using cheaper fabrics. I didn’t want to do that. All natural fabrics, organic when possible, locally produced, and with great details. I knew on those things I couldn’t compromise. But was that enough to call it conscious clothing? When I thought about it more I realized that the one thing I think that makes it so, the very core of the idea, is the fact that my goal is not for mass quantity or great profit, but to provide creative, contemporary styles without having to compromise my inherent ethos. I want to be a part of the shift in the established paradigm of the manufacturing of clothes. A metamorphosis that provides beautifully designed and ethically produced clothes that can fit in all aspics of a woman's life.

Thunderlily Experience

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