Stephanie Gentry: Atlanta GA

I have always known I wanted to be an artist. From an early age I have been exploring sequential art, illustration, animation and graphic design, which have greatly influenced my designs. My interpretation of the world is most clearly expressed through visual media. Fashion is simply an expression of the world around us, it is shape, color and form in conflict. My designs defy convention – sculptural shapes, inspired by architecture rise upward against gravity and durable fabrics are juxtaposed against soft curves. The conflict of ideas results in harmony; harmony between the rough and the smooth, retro and modern, urban chic and romantic escape.

Thunderlily Experience

My experience with ThunderLily has been wonderful. I have been following this company for a while now. I originally found ThunderLily while sourcing fabrics for my senior collection and signed up for their emails which is how I heard about the competition. Not only was the fabric selection fantastic back then, it was exiting for me to have another opportunity to get my designs out to the industry. Thunderlily has been a freeing experience for me in that it eliminated a lot of the stress that comes along with becoming a designer. Working with a team of people even if it was long distance experience rather than working on my own has been a huge help to me. The assistance in picking out fabrics was huge because I couldn't always be there to select them, but I am very pleased with how everything turned out. The details on the ruffles of the garments are exactly how I pictured them and the quality of the garments is exquisite. Thunderlily has helped me gain a better understanding of which fabrics to choose for which garments as well as construction and even some pattern making even though I didn't make the garments! It also gave me a boost of confidence in my own work as a designer. I would recommend ThunderLily to anybody especially young designers trying to get an open door to the industry because that's what it's made for.