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Dressmaker profile: Maggie Schultz


At heart, I've always been a costumer. It is the hobby which has made me nocturnal, starting when I learned to sew and would stay up late at night by the dim light coming from my closet and work on finishing a Chrismas dress for my Barbie doll or an apron bag for my American Girl. For some reason, it was easiest to focus on my work at night - and still is.

I honed my self-taught sewing skills during high school. For one show in particular, I crafted new costumes for a 30 person cast alongside two other students and a master costumer. A few of our actors needed two or even three costumes! The workload was heavy and busy, and I loved it. For the last few years, I have specialized in making Renaissance garb for the Festival here in Minnesota - a challenge I try to take on every year to improve my skills on something for myself.

This year, I am continuing to build up my Etsy shop and find where I fit in in the grand scheme of artisans out there. My crocheting abilities have improved greatly, and I have started writing my own patterns. I am attending several weddings this year (including that of my own sister!), which means I may soon have more garter listings as I start to experiment with that process. I am also looking to experiment with recycled tees and upcycled garments from the '80s and '90s, and work with vintage patterns going as far back as the '40s.

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Maggie Schultz

 St. Paul


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