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Custom Made

Firstly we are so sorry that you would even consider returning your ThunderLily custom made clothing!

Since each of our designs are hand made to your unique specifications, we cannot refund your purchase. If, by some freak chance, your order came and it didn’t fit your original specifications, we would happily re-stitch it for you and ship it to you at the speed that you ordered.

Contact us with the following information:

1. Tell us your Name, order number and the email you used with your purchase.

2. How can we make you happier.

Finally, if you have any questions about your product or the return policy, please contact us immediately.

Changing Your Order
We know that you want to get your custom made design as soon as possible, so we pull out all the stops to have each item mailed out within 10 days. If you email us within 12 hours, we can probably pull your design from the queue or make any amendments to your design's specifications.

Once we have finished stitching your design though, we cannot change or cancel your order since all our designs are hand created and once they are in productions, we can’t turn back. Also, it would be incredibly wasteful to have a unique, custom made design cancelled after it was made.


Sometimes it happens that you enter the wrong measurements and then wake in the middle of the night stressing about it. Don't worry. If you have entered the wrong measurements for a pattern you purchased, you can print the same pattern with different measurements another time.


Can I Return My Fabric Order?
ThunderLily works with boutique fabric shops in New York City to bring fabulous, unique and reasonably priced fabrics to people across the country and around the world. Most of our vendors sell to and buy from the fashion industry so the fabrics are often one-of-a-kind and of limited quantities.

To avoid customer mistakes most vendors provide free swatches and customers are advised to order swatches or small quantities to ensure the fabric exactly meets their needs. We do not provide refunds or replacements.

Send us an email.

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